Exchange 2007 Packages

Business Basic PackageBusiness Basic Package What features and functionality does the Business Basic Package provide?
Business Advanced PackageBusiness Advanced Package What features and functionality does the Advanced Business Package provide
Business Premium PackageBusiness Premium Package What features and functionality does the Business Premium Package Provide?

Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007


Move to the latest and greatest Microsoft Exchange 2007 hosted services. Our Exchange 2007 packages are packed full of features and functionality. For further information and to learn more about Exchange 2007 please click here

Exchange Advanced Services

Exchange Advanced Services
Take your Exchange 2007 package to the next level with Advanced Exchange Services!

Advanced Exchange Services from Incontech provides key additional functionality to your hosted exchange package. Advanced Exchange Services comprise of 4 advanced solutions: Filtering, Archiving, Business Continuity and Encryption. To learn more about each of these advanced services please click here

Sharepoint Services 3.0

Sharepoint Service 3.0
Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 is here!

Sharepoint Services 3.0 enables your business to collaborate and communicate more efficiently than ever before. This brand new offering from Microsoft is packed full of functionality and features your business will find invaluable. To learn about Sharepoint Services and what it can do for your business please click here

DNS Services

DNS Services
Our DNS Services

Does your company need a domain name for their internet identity or require DNS hosting services? Incontech can register your domain name for you or take over the hosting of your domain name and also provide you with a fully managed DNS solution. If DNS doesn't mean anything to you then please click here

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What is Exchange and Outlook 2007™?

Microsoft Exchange™ Server is currently the dominant product in the market for email and collaboration software. Typically very large corporations use it to increase productivity and simplify communications. Small businesses on the other hand, have always stood to gain from its use, but have found the costs associated with setting up and maintaining it very expensive, enter Incontech Hosted Exchange 2007 Services.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 services from Incontech Ltd enables small and medium sized businesses to leverage the benefits of using hosted Exchange 2007 email accounts in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook 2007 (a powerful feature rich personal information manager) without having to invest in costly infrastructure, support and maintenance. The latest release of Microsoft Exchange is Exchange 2007 and was released in January 2007 together with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. From a marketing perspective the launch of these applications was called EVO (Exchange, Vista and Office) and you may have seen adverts for these products on the TV. The EVO products were the outcome of 20 billion dollars of research and development. Outlook 2007 is included in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of applications and is supplied free of charge to our customers of our Hosted Exchange 2007 services. Incontech Hosted Services is one of the first service providers in the United Kingdom to offer Exchange 2007 as a hosted service with many of our competitors still using Exchange 2003

Why should My Business Use Microsoft Exchange 2007™?

You may be wondering why your business should move to our Exchange 2007 hosted services and be asking the question "what costs can this save my business, and how will I benefit?" The answer to the cost question is very difficult to answer as most cost savings that your company make are soft costs as opposed to hard costs and this can be difficult to quantify. However once you understand what our hosted Exchange 2007 service and Outlook 2007 can achieve you will soon realise how this technology can streamline your business, and determine where your company has saved money and increased its productivity.