Exchange 2007 Packages

Business Basic PackageBusiness Basic Package What features and functionality does the Business Basic Package provide?
Business Advanced PackageBusiness Advanced Package What features and functionality does the Advanced Business Package provide
Business Premium PackageBusiness Premium Package What features and functionality does the Business Premium Package Provide?

Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007


Move to the latest and greatest Microsoft Exchange 2007 hosted services. Our Exchange 2007 packages are packed full of features and functionality. For further information and to learn more about Exchange 2007 please click here

Exchange Advanced Services

Exchange Advanced Services
Take your Exchange 2007 package to the next level with Advanced Exchange Services!

Advanced Exchange Services from Incontech provides key additional functionality to your hosted exchange package. Advanced Exchange Services comprise of 4 advanced solutions: Filtering, Archiving, Business Continuity and Encryption. To learn more about each of these advanced services please click here

Sharepoint Services 3.0

Sharepoint Service 3.0
Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 is here!

Sharepoint Services 3.0 enables your business to collaborate and communicate more efficiently than ever before. This brand new offering from Microsoft is packed full of functionality and features your business will find invaluable. To learn about Sharepoint Services and what it can do for your business please click here

DNS Services

DNS Services
Our DNS Services

Does your company need a domain name for their internet identity or require DNS hosting services? Incontech can register your domain name for you or take over the hosting of your domain name and also provide you with a fully managed DNS solution. If DNS doesn't mean anything to you then please click here

Exchange 2007 Hosted Services Business Advanced Package - 10.99

Our Exchange 2007 hosted services Business Advanced package builds upon our entry level Exchange 2007 hosted services Business Basic package and provides additional functionality. If you need to have maximum mobility features and are a heavier user of email then this Exchange 2007 hosted service is for you as it includes Windows Mobile 5.0 and Exchange Active Sync support and a larger mailbox size. Exchange Active Sync enables you to synchronise your mobile device with your Exchange mailbox and stay in touch with the office wherever you are. The Business Advanced Package includes all the features available with the basic package with these additions/differences:

StorageMailbox Storage Our advanced package comes with 500MB (Megabytes) of mailbox storage which is double when compared to our basic package. Our Premium package offers you even more!

Windows MobileExchange Active Sync Access your Exchange 2007 mailboxs whilst on the move from your mobile device. Never be out of touch with your office again and impress your customers!

SupportSupport With our advanced package you get free email support with a guaranteed 2 hour response time. Many of our emails will be answered within 2 hours but sometimes this may not be possible.

DisclaimersCompany Disclaimers The Advanced package allows you to configure multiple company disclaimers that are appended to your emails. Company disclaimers are important for legal reasons

complianceManaged Folder Enable you to store messages for long periods of time. A managed folder can be used when a level of compliance is required for message storage. An example of this could be a managed folder where messages are stored for 5 years

Alias3 Mailbox Aliases Mailbox aliases allow you to create additional email addresses for each mailbox. This allows you to assign an email address such as This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to a particular person so they will receive mail sent to this address