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Never Be Out Of Touch With Your Customers Again

Running a small business sometimes requires you to make well informed and quick decisions. Being away from the office for whatever reason hinders this responsive action and being unable to act quickly and respond to your customer could ultimately result in the loss of business. This is why it is important to invest in the tools that can help you stay in touch with your customers and to provide a responsive service wherever you are.

With Exchange 2007 there are a number of mobility solutions available allowing you to be mobile but at the same time take your office with you. This feature concentrates on Outlook Mobile and the devices that make up the solution

Outlook Mobile Access

Outlook Mobile is the ability to access your Exchange 2007 mailbox wirelesly over the air using your mobile device, be it a mobile phone or a Microsoft powered Windows Mobile Smartphone device. There are essentially two parts to the Outlook Mobile solution, these are 1. An Exchange 2007 Server running the Exchange Active Sync Protocol and 2. The mobile device itself.

A Bit of History

Exchange 2003 was the first version of Exchange that enabled users of Microsoft powered mobile devices to access their email over the air. Previously with Exchange 5.5 companies had to deploy another server based technology called Mobile Information Server to provide this access. MIS was seen as an expensive and complex solution to setup and because of this a lot of companies turned to other third party applications to provide over the air wireless access to Exchange Server such as the well known Blackberry Enterprise Server  product by RIM. Today however times have changed and wireless over the air access to Exchange is available out of the box without the need for third party software or additional hardware thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

What is Exchange Active Sync?

The Exchange ActiveSync protocol allows mobile devices to receive timely updates when new data items arrive in your mailbox. Exchange Active Sync or EAS works with e-mail messages, calendar items, contacts, and tasks, although the exact set of data items supported may vary between device manufacturers. Exchange Active Sync is a server based protocol that runs on the Exchange 2007 server and also a client application that runs on the mobile device. With the initial release of Exchange Active Sync or Outlook Mobile as it is known today as, only a few devices were supported and these devices were the Microsoft Operating system Windows CE powered devices. Windows CE is a cut down version of Windows and is optimized for devices with minimal storage.