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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)
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Exchange 2007 FAQ

Is there a limit on the size of attachments I can send?
Yes. All of our mailbox plans limit mail attachments to 10MB in size. This is done to make sure our systems remain running efficiently. Most Internet Service Providers will not deliver mail over 5MB in size

Can I purchase additional mailbox storage space without moving up to the next package?
Yes. Firstly we allocate the total amount of space for your mailboxes to any one or more mailboxes. For example if you have 4 mailboxes on the Business Basic package (1GB Total) and 3 mailboxes only need 50MB each (150MB) of storage space, you can use the remaining 850MB for the 4th mailbox. We also sell extra space on a per mailbox basis

Can I access my mailbox using the Outlook 2007 client?
Yes. By Utilising Outlook Anywhere you can access your Exchange 2007 mailbox securely using the Outlook 2007 client from anywhere you can connect to the internet

I use a laptop, can I access my emails offline and reply to them whilst on a plane?
Yes. Outlook 2007 by default runs in cached mode which means your mailbox will be replicated (cached) to your computer. All mailbox content on the server is synchronised with the local copy of your mailbox and therefore will still be available when you are not connected to the internet. Outlook can also be used in offline mode and any messages sent will remain in your outbox until you're online again when they will be sent.

Where is my email stored?
Your email is stored on our secure Exchange 2007 servers and is also cached to your local computer.

Can I increase or decrease the number of users I require on a monthly basis?
Yes. To increase the number of mailbox users simply log into your account and create another order. To decrease the number of mailbox users please contact us by email or by phone. Your existing order will be cancelled and a new one will be created

Can I easily upgrade my package?
Yes. Simply log into your account and place another order. Depending on what package you have you will see an upgrade order form to complete

Do I have to purchase licenses before I can use your Exchange 2007 services?
No. Incontech Ltd Hosted Services have signed a Service Providers License Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft. This allows us to purchase licenses on your behalf in our names every month. When you sign up to our services you will automatically be licensed and be using the software legally.

Is my mail protected from viruses and SPAM?
Yes. Incontech use Microsoft's ForeFront Security suite of products to provide the best protection available for your mailbox. All mailboxes regardless of your package are protected. For further peace of mind you can purchase additional security by signing up to our Hosted Filtering, one of our advance Exchange packages.

Can I configure an Out Of Office (OOO) message?
Yes. This can be configured from your Outlook 2007 client. With Exchange 2007 you can configure different messages for different people. For example you could configure an out of office message for your external customers which could be different than the message sent to your colleagues

What happens after I place an order for Exchange 2007?
You will be asked to supply us with the names of your users and these will be commissioned on our Exchange 2007 servers by our technical staff. You will be contacted and supplied with access passwords for each of your users and supplied with the information required for you to access the Exchange 2007 service and details on how to download and configure Outlook 2007. Whatever happens we will give you a courtesy call you to make sure you have successfully accessed our service and to aid you with the process if needed